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As a communication and trading platform for radio and audio advertising, adremes provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for radio stations and advertising marketers who want to be prepared best for the progressive digitisation of advertising and the constant increase in technological requirements.

adremes sets up the basic technical conditions necessary for booking advertising in automated processes.

The initial focus is on a solution developed for FM radio and DAB+ and implemented as a cloud-based service (software as a service).The adaptation of adremes to online audio offerings (IP audio) and a link to DSPs is already at a planning phase.

In order to make communication between market players – both on the supply and the demand side – faster and more effective, the existing systems (scheduling and broadcast systems) are connected technologically via adremes Exchange (interface).


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marke 41, 15.06.2017


Constant update on latest sales figures, campaigns and bookings. Configuration section to adjust policies.

Automatic reception or manual input of tradable audio inventory. Provision of additional information on program and editorial content.

Query and display of available audio inventory according to individual search criteria. Direct transmission of booking data to the traffic system of radio stations or marketers.

Automated and custom-made refining of ad inventory via supplying additional data such as weather, traffic as well as program-related or individual editorial content. Added data con be provided both automatically and manually.

The interface enables the technological connection of the market players‘ existing systems.

The rules of the negotiation (policies) of automated trading are set out by stations and marketers themselves.

Connected third party systems


adremes is the only European communication and trading platform for FM/DAB+ radio and audio advertising. adremes provides the best solutions for the complete automation of booking processes for radio advertising inventory.

With adremes tools radio stations and their advertising sales agencies can refine their radio advertising space by using „added data“, a set of data triggers as weather, sport, events, etc. and broadcast the right audio ad at the right time automatically.

adremes already provides interfaces to classic radio systems (scheduling and playout systems) and continues to provide more potential interfaces. 225 radio stations are currently using adremes with great success. adremes – „innovating media services“ was established in 2014 in Germany and has its headquarters in Hamburg.

Member of


Dr. Nico Aprile

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Karna Brennecke

COO / Head of Product Management

Katharina Piotraschke

Executive Assistant


Julia Breitenkamp

Executive Assistant

Donovan Wittern

Sales Manager

Anna-Lena Emke

Head of Project Management

Stephanie Ortner

Project Manager

Franziska Fock

Product Manager

Oliver Starckjohann

Head of Technical Services

Sebastian Stein

Technical Service Engineer

Gunnar Lahmann

Director Marketing & Communications

Carina Stäcker

Marketing & PR Manager

Marco Schulz

Head of Design

Thore Stäcker

Head of Software Development

Lidia Ahlers


Jan Höffken

Controlling Financial & Projects


adremes has a vision: we want to optimise radio and audio advertising trading and booking processes. We want to make the choice of radio advertising spots more dependent to real events and circumstances such as, for example, weather and traffic information. As an example, if it starts snowing in a region, a tire manufacturer can decide just-in-time to advertise his special offer for winter tires. We are building the first platform in Europe, in which radio advertising is totally data-driven. adremes automates the entire process from data enrichment to the booking and the payment.

To keep developing our platform and continuously adapt it to the specific requirements of our customers, we are now looking to recruit new professionals who can help to achieve our plans. Our team in Hamburg consists of experts with outstanding expertise in the radio industry – if you also want to shape the future of radio advertising with us, apply for one of the following positions, we are looking forward to receiving your application!

Deine Aufgaben
  • Konzeption und Entwicklung komplexer Systemlösungen bzw. Softwareprodukte unter Einsatz moderner Entwicklungswerkzeuge wie .NET-Technologien und Web-Technologien
  • Weiterentwicklung unserer innovativen Softwarelösungen um neue Module in Front- und Backend (Web-Services, Datenbanken, Server-Intelligenz)
  • Begleitung des gesamten Entwicklungsprozesses von der Analyse bis zum Test

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Important Dates

adremes bei der European Radio Show in Paris
23. - 25. September 2020

adremes bei den Radiodays Europe in Lissabon
29.-31. März 2020


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